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Tab Collar Clergy Shirts
Murphy Robes provide quality, style, innovation, and service to the customer with a wide variety of clergy, choral, and judicial apparel! The most extensive selection of custom tailored pulpit attire, choral attire, church supplies and judicial attire with the finest fabrics to offer- including exclusive fabrics designed by Murphy Robes solely for church use and not to mention made very affordable! 

Murphy Robes believe that the best way to serve a customer is to provide the finest quality product, and couple it with local, personalized service. That's why  Murphy Robes products are sold through local retailers who are familiar with the needs of their local community, working closely with dealers to provide you with the finest products and customer service in the industry. That is why Love has Murphy Robes products available to you, orders available through our local Love store! Below are some examples of just some Murphy Robe selections!
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Murphy Robes at Love Christian Center
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